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May 31 2016

Best Slime Toys

Slime could be the most perfect toy ever created. It serves zero purpose, is completely wasteful, and ruins almost anything it touches, whether that be clothes, figures or wallpaper. Of most playthings, slime is probably the one practically all adults can agree which they want nothing to employ, and they sincerely dont understand why children do. Its simple, really. Gross is nice.

Kinder surprise

Because all kids of a certain age inherently love messes, slime hasnt really left industry since Mattel first made and marketed it in 1978 (ironically, an occasion when shag carpeting and fuzzy wallpaper were in fashion). Toy manufacturers have input it to good use in many different products, all of which were as awesome as they were messy and disgusting, and so they were pretty messy and disgusting. Here are some of the greatest.
toys unboxing

Simple, perfect and neon green, the first Slime deserves its fame. It was cheap enough that you will didnt need your parents permission to get it, which is a a valuable thing as most of them prefer to you played with an outrageous bear than bring a can from it into your home. The slime craze was strong that you could buy snack-size� samples of it in vending machines for any quarter, just in case you needed a fix at Safeway you could hide in your pocket.

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